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We have partnered with the AFSA Education Foundation to bring you the MoneySKILL® online personal finance curriculum. Best of all, it’s a free, online program that is available to you anywhere you have Internet access. Let MoneySKILL® give you the tools to educate yourself in the content areas of income, expenses, saving and investing, credit and insurance. Click below and you will be taken to the course site where you can register for FREE and take the various modules.

Available Classes

  • Paying for what we buy

    Paying for what we buy

    Focusing on different ways to pay for what we buy or owe – covering the usage of cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards and bill payment.

  • Tracking expenses and budgeting

    Tracking expenses and budgeting

    Focusing on developing strategies and methods for accurately tracking income and expenses and developing a budget.

  • Cost and benefits of borrowing

    Cost and benefits of borrowing

    Focusing on methods of financing such as credit cards, student loans, personal loans – and the criteria lenders use to award credit and loans.

  • Your credit rating

    Your credit rating

    Focusing on the importance of your credit report, how to establish a good credit record and how to avoid (and deal with) credit problems.

  • Identity Theft

    Identity Theft

    Focusing on the risks of credit theft, how to prevent it and tell if your identity has been stolen – and what you should do to protect yourself.