Let World Finance assist you with your 2017 tax return.

Our goal is to provide your return quickly and inexpensively.
We file taxes and offer up to $1500*!

Let us help you make early tax filing stress-free by scheduling an appointment with World Finance today.

We know you want to receive your refund as quickly and inexpensively as possible—and that is our goal. The following are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you use World Acceptance Corporation subsidiaries for your tax preparation needs. Meet with our professionals to prepare and file your taxes before April 15, 2017 and you could walk out with up to a $1,500 0% interest loan* the same day.

  • We can get your money faster than waiting for a mailed IRS check.
  • We will be able to print your check as quickly as 6-15 days after the IRS issues an acceptance of your e-filed return.
  • We offer free dependent tax returns when we file a qualifying parent’s return.

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