The Benefits of Getting Your Taxes Done Early

We’ll just say it – while necessary, doing taxes isn’t fun. It’s known to be one of the more stressful times of the year, and most of us wish it could be over before it even begins. But guess what? There’s no need to let tax season drag on longer than it has to. If you’ve already got taxes on the brain, why not file them early?

Let’s look at some of the reasons to file taxes early and get them done.

Why File Taxes Early?

You can get your refund faster

Ahh, the bright light at the end of the tax tunnel. If you’re due for a tax refund, you’ll certainly get it sooner if you file taxes early. Filing electronically will get you your refund faster than paper filing. When you file with World Finance, you can get your tax refund in about 3 weeks (even faster if you opt in for direct deposit).

The IRS typically announces the tax season start date at the beginning of the year. Then, as soon as you have your income forms (such a W2 or 1099-G), you’re free to start filing. At World, we provide you with a checklist of information you’ll need for filing, so you can gather all your forms, receipts, and other info in one convenient place.

Buy yourself some extra time

There are plenty of reasons to give yourself some extra time on taxes. Starting early will help you if you hit a snag in gathering information, and it can also help you lower potential tax bill payments. If you end up with a tax bill from the IRS, filing early will help you get a jump on making payments. Spreading out those payments helps alleviate the financial strain of owing money on taxes.

Avoid tax return theft

Unfortunately, there are fraudsters out there who hunt for the personal information of others to file a tax return for themselves. All they need is a name, a birthdate and a Social Security Number, and fraudsters can effectively steal or delay your tax refund. The best way to combat tax return theft? File early and get ahead of the thieves.

Instead of facing the dread of getting your taxes done, why not put them behind you instead? File taxes early to get ahead of the curve and get your refund faster.

World offers tax services, helping you make sense of your taxes and get the most out of your refund. And if you could really use that refund, like, now? We’ve got a Tax Advance Loan for that. Reach out to your local World Finance branch or get started online. We’ll help you get your taxes done early.

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