The Phelps Family Gets Back to Good with World Finance.

When faced with financial challenges in his early twenties, Josh Phelps turned to a variety of different lenders for help, but none compared to his experience with World Finance.

Before learning about installment lenders like World, Josh utilized pay day loan services and found himself trapped in a cycle of debt.

“When working with a pay day lender, if you don’t pay it off within two weeks, you have to keep paying the refinancing fee. Interest rates were 300-400%, making it nearly impossible to repay,” says Josh. “If I could talk to my younger self, I would have told him to find a company like World Finance to work with instead.”

Josh is now married with two kids living in Missouri. He feel more financially established but as his family has grown, so have their expenses. He utilizes installment loan services at World when financial needs and emergencies happen, like expensive out of pocket medical costs for necessary procedures that he couldn’t otherwise cover.

“If World Finance wasn’t around, I probably would have ended up at a pay day lender again, which was a nightmare,” says Josh. “World Finance’s Team Members are so friendly and helpful but are down to business and get it done which is exactly what we needed.”

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