World Finance Helps Mohammed Afzal Navigate a New Chapter in Life.

Mohammed Afzal was starting over. A single dad to a 14-year-old daughter in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Mohammed needed to rebuild his credit score, manage a new household budget and pay for extra medical expenses following his divorce.

“After the divorce, my credit score was only around 300, but with World Finance’s help I have been able to more than double that to the mid-600s,” says Mohammed. “I had to completely start over, and World Finance really helped a lot.”

In the past, Mohammed had negative experiences working with payday lenders and title loans where he ended up paying close to 10 times the original amount of the loan due to high interest and lengthy payment periods.

“Once I paid off my loans with the pay day and title lenders, I vowed to never go back again,” says Mohammed. “World is the best place to go, and I always recommend them to my friends who need help.

“The Team Members there are amazing people. I work in retail, so I know how important customer service is. When I see them helping others with their loans, they always go above and beyond and are willing to help.”

A few years ago, Mohammed was ill and unable to make payments on his personal installment loan from World Finance. He continued to stay in contact with them and made a plan to pay back what he could afford on a timeline that worked for him.

“The World Finance Team Members even sent me a ‘get well soon’ card. It was very heart touching,” shares Mohammed. “They care about their customers like a family member, not just the business.”

Mohammed has been a World Finance customer for 10 years. He says, “I’ll keep refinancing to improve my credit score, pay my medical bills and keep my household going.”

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