What's it like to file taxes with World Finance?

There's a reason why tax season gets a bad rap. Taxes can be complicated, time consuming, stressful. Lucky for you, World is here to change that. It's all about super transparent pricing, easy filing options, and taking the worry out of tax time.

We've been helping people just like you file taxes since the early ‘90s. Because we’ve been at it for nearly three decades, we know a thing or two about helping people with their taxes – even those of you who normally file taxes yourself. 

So, what makes filing taxes with World different? 

Upfront pricing (with no hidden fees). 

Hidden fees? You won't find them here. We believe in transparency, which means we put all the costs out there so you won't get blindsided by unexpected fees. That should be a no brainer, right?

Unfortunately, a lot of the other big tax pros advertise a low tax prep fee while hiding extra costs. We’re always upfront and honest about what it will cost, so when it comes to receiving your refund there are no surprise fees when we finish filing your taxes.

Free tax estimates

Why get an estimate? Because it gives you a good idea of your owed taxes and your estimated refund – helping you make a more informed decision on seeking out help with your taxes.

Other tax pros will seemingly offer estimates for free, but they are rarely actually free. They often come with conditions, like a commitment from you to pay for tax services. World offers free estimates to everyone, whether you've had a loan with us or are planning to do taxes with us or neither. When we say free, we mean free.

Same day cash with our Tax Advance Loan 

The Tax Advance Loan fast-tracks you to what is arguably the best part of tax season – your tax refund.

When you file your taxes with other tax professionals, you might have to wait weeks (sometimes months) to get your refund. Depending on how you choose to receive the funds, the wait time can vary – which makes it tough to budget and depend on your own money. 

When you file taxes with World, you could get up to $5,000 of your tax refund funds the same day that you file with the Tax Advance Loan. Not only do you receive funds the same day, it's also totally interest free. Plus, we don't need to check your credit to approve you for the Tax Advance Loan.

Let's review that, shall we? 0% interest, same-day cash, no credit check, get early access to part of your tax refund. Yeah, that all sounds pretty good.

Friendly, qualified pros 

World tax professionals are available year-round. And unlike big-box tax shops, you’ll see the same faces and talk to the same people – no frustrating revolving door different people whenever you have a tax question. Personal service is our thing, and it really comes in handy at tax time.

We’ve helped people just like you file taxes for 29 years. Our friendly, skilled tax pros put you – and your financial good – first. 

Ready to file your taxes? 

Let World handle it. Get started today with our handy checklist!

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Tax Advance Loans

When you file your taxes with World, we make it easy to get a Tax Advance Loan.