Stay Golden on Your Goals

Stay Golden on Your Goals

It’s official. 2020 is here, and so is your plan for tackling those finances head-on. But as we know, making goals for the year ahead is a whole lot easier said/written/painted/whispered into the great unknown, than done. Whether you’re saving for a new house, new car or new bike, we can help you set realistic, digestible goals and show you how with just a little planning, you can keep them going strong all 2020 long. Here’s to getting back to a financially successful new year.

Think small.
Don’t think of your goal as one big endpoint. Instead, map out small, actionable steps. The more specific, the more likely you are to follow them. Remember to be honest with yourself on the amount you’re able to save, and in what time frame you’ll be able to do it.

Be accountable.
Write down everything. How did you do this month? Are you closer or further away from your goal? When you have it in writing, there’s no denying. Plus, you’ll have something to look back on, and inspire you to keep going.

Plan. Plan. Plan.
By breaking out your goal into daily or weekly plans, you can charge ahead without getting overwhelmed. If your goal is to save $50 a month by bringing your lunch to work, meal prep on Sunday nights. That way, all you have to do is grab a meal from the fridge and go.

Get tech-y.
There are countless apps that can help you identify your financial goals, and help you stick to them. From monthly budgeting to that vacation fund, there’s an app out there for everyone and every goal.

Support matters.
Friends, family, roommates – lean on those in your support system to help cheer you on this year. Remember: regardless of income, everyone is working on their own financial goals. Enlist friends with their own goals to help inspire you and keep you accountable. It’s easy for our New Year’s goals to loom large over every choice we make. But, by thinking of goals as
tiny steps you can take every day, you’ll be well on your way to reaching them. It just takes a little planning, mindfulness and support to get back to all the good the New Year can bring.

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