Small Business Owner Bobbie Mitchell Gets Back to the Good.

After working for corporate healthcare companies for many years, Bobbie Mitchell set out to build her own small business in 2018. She now owns and operates a successful employment training and consulting firm in Louisville, but as Bobbie learned, making a significant life change and jumping headfirst into self-employment can bring a lot of challenges and bumps in the road. During a time of need in this transitional period, Bobbie turned to World Finance for help.

At the recommendation of a friend, Bobbie visited the World Finance branch located in LaGrange, Kentucky and was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming reception, ease of the process and friendly staff. Even though World Finance has since opened a new community-based branch closer to her home, Bobbie continues to visit the LaGrange branch more than 20 miles away because of the relationships that she has developed with the Team Members there.

“What makes them so special is that they are always so friendly, efficient and always available to their customers,” says Bobbie. “They get back to you when they say they are going to follow up. This level of service reminds me of how businesses used to operate, and I like that because I’m old school.”

In a moment of desperation when faced with a financial challenge years ago, Bobbie utilized a pay day lender, which trapped her in a cycle of debt that was extremely challenging to resolve. When she needed financial assistance again in 2018, she learned about the benefits of using installment loans instead of pay day or title loans.

“The entire experience with the pay day lender was horrific and I would never do it again,” says Bobbie. “One of the most positive outcomes from working with World has been the impact it has had on my credit score. I have been able to improve my score by continuing to utilize World’s personal installment loans and now receive offers for lines of credit that I never would have qualified for in the past.”

Bobbie shared that in addition to lifting her credit score, she has learned more about her finances and has been able to improve her financial situation. Each time that she works with World Finance to secure a personal installment loan, she sets aside a portion to invest in her future through a mutual fund or similar long-term investment.

“The way that I view money has completely changed after working with World Finance. Now, I look for opportunities for it to grow and make my life better. It has been such an incredible experience,” adds Bobbie.

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