Personal Installment Loans

Does applying for a personal installment loan require a credit check?

A credit check is required during the process. When you submit your application, we do a soft check, which does not affect your credit score. A soft check allows us to peek at your credit score. During approval, we do a hard check, which does affect your credit score. A hard check will let the credit bureaus know that your credit history is about to change.

How fast can I get cash once I’ve applied for a personal loan?

When you get approved for a World Finance personal loan, you can get your money by check or direct funds to your debit card. Typically, your loan can be funded in about an hour.

How is a personal installment loan different from a payday loan?

Payday loans come with an expectation to repay in one, large payment (typically when you get your next paycheck). They also come with high, inconsistent rates. There is also no credit reporting with a payday loan, which means there's no chance to improve your credit through repayment. A personal installment loan comes with a manageable payment schedule with flexible terms. And since we report to all 3 credit bureaus, you could rebuild your credit through positive payment behavior. 

Can I get a personal installment loan with bad credit?

If you have bad credit and need money, you may still be able to get a personal installment loan. We consider more than just your credit score, also looking at things like sources of income, ability to make payments, and your full financial picture.

What is a personal installment loan?

A personal installment loan is a type of loan with regularly scheduled, fixed monthly payments. Unlike payday loans, credit cards, or title loans, a personal installment loan comes with clear terms, fixed-rates, and a set payment schedule. Plus, we report to all 3 credit bureaus to make sure positive payment behavior is counted toward to your credit score.

Can I apply for a personal installment loan online?

Yes, you can start your application online. It only takes a few moments to fill out the form. Once you submit it, we’ll reach out to you with next steps – which include a visit to your local branch. The application and loan approval process is fast, easy, and funding typically takes about an hour.