Top Questions

How can I get my tax refund early?

With our same day filing and funding, you'll receive your funds as soon as your return is accepted by the IRS (typically within 10 minutes). Repayment of your loan happens automatically once your refund is dispersed.

Can I Pay My Bill Online?

Yes, you can make payments Online by visiting your My World Account. Your payment can be made by Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) or by linking your Checking/Savings account. Please note that accounts could take up to 2 business days to reflect current amount due.

How does a loan to build credit help to build credit?

With the right attention and management, a loan to build credit can help to establish, build, and maintain good credit. This happens through consistent, on-time payments, and our regular reporting to all 3 credit bureaus.

How fast can I get my same-day emergency loan funded?

If you have bad credit and need money, you may still be able to get a loan for your emergency needs. We consider more than just your credit score, considering things like sources of income, ability to make payments, and your full financial picture.

Does applying for a personal installment loan require a credit check?

A credit check is required during the process. When you submit your application, we do a soft check, which does not affect your credit score. A soft check allows us to peek at your credit score. During approval, we do a hard check, which does affect your credit score. A hard check will let the credit bureaus know that your credit history is about to change.

Can I apply for a personal installment loan online?

Yes, you can start your application online. It only takes a few moments to fill out the form. Once you submit it, we’ll reach out to you with next steps – which include a visit to your local branch. The application and loan approval process is fast, easy, and funding typically takes about an hour.