Economic Impact Payment Update

Like many tax preparation companies, World has been informed that there have been some instances where the IRS erroneously sent EIP payments to the temporary account used for their tax refund instead of directly to taxpayers. For your protection, any account that was established with our tax partner to facilitate processing of your tax refund was closed when you received your original tax refund, and that account no longer exists. However, the IRS used the closed account on file, leaving some funds in limbo.  If the IRS Get My Payment tracking tool indicates funds were sent to an account number that was associated with your 2019 refund, those funds will be rejected back to the IRS.  


 Q: What should I do if World’s refund transfer bank receives my check?  

Once the IRS receives the rejected EIP, the IRS may reissue the payment back to the taxpayer. Depending on the situation, some customers may still get their funds automatically direct deposited to their bank account or reloadable pre-paid debit card. Others could face further delays, possibly receiving a paper check or only receiving their stimulus payment as part of their 2020 tax return.  


For additional questions, the IRS has a helpful FAQ guide that is being continually updated. 


Please note:   

• World Finance does not have your Economic Impact Payment stimulus payment  

 • Payments received in error and returned to the IRS, may not have an accurate status on the IRS Get My Payment page  

 • Your World Finance tax professional does not have any visibility into the status, amount or timing of your EIP  


Please contact the IRS with any questions regarding Economic Impact Payments. Visit the IRS website at