How to Get Your Tax Refund Early

For many people, tax time means tax returns – a welcome boost to the budget. Waiting for a tax return can be hard though – especially when you need money sooner rather than later. Enter the Tax Advance Loan, a short-term loan designed to help you borrow money until your tax refund reaches you.

How does a Tax Advance Loan work?

Essentially, a Tax Advance Loan allows you to borrow money until your tax refund comes through. It’s a way for you to get a jump on your long-awaited tax refund, typically without any extra cost.

By filing your taxes with World, you’re eligible for a Tax Advance Loan if your expected refund meets a minimum total amount. With World Tax Advance Loans, you could receive up to $5,000 at 0% interest. World Tax Advance Loans:

  • Come with tax services with no additional cost
  • Get funded on the same day you apply
  • Receive up to $5k with 0% interest
  • Are immediately paid off when your tax refund comes through*

So, how can I borrow money until I get my tax refund?

When you file your taxes with World, we make it easy to get a Tax Advance Loan. Simply drop off or submit your tax forms to our team and we’ll fund your advance loan direct-to-debit in about an hour. From there, we handle all the forms and details, while you skip to the fun part – thinking about how to spend those Tax Advance Loan funds. Once the IRS processes your return, the amount of your Tax Advance Loan is deducted from the total amount refunded by the government.

Read about this World customer’s experience getting a Tax Advance Loan:

“My husband and I stopped by to file our taxes! They helped us receive previous stimulus money we hadn’t gotten. We also got the most amount refunded to us than we had in the past. On top of it all we were able to get a tax advance loan, so we left that day with some cash in our pocket at 0% interest. I’d highly recommend this place and their services!”
– Dominique C.

How much does a Tax Advance Loan cost?

There are no fees or interest for Tax Advance Loans when you file your taxes with World.

We understand that sometimes you need your refund money without waiting around for the IRS to process your returns. Tax Advance Loans are just another way we can help you get the money you need faster (and smoother).

How do I apply?

To get a Tax Advance Loan with World, file your taxes with our team. They make the process simple, helping you gather all your info and making sure you don’t miss a beat.

Ready for your Tax Advance Loans? Start filing your taxes with us today to get started.

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When you file your taxes with World, we make it easy to get a Tax Advance Loan.