How does a Tax Advance Loan work?

When it comes to planning for your taxes, nothing motivates us quite like the possibility of a tax refund. That refund check can have a big impact on plans for the new year, and offer relief from holiday debt. A Tax Advance Loan is a great way to get a jump on those plans.

A Tax Advance Loan helps you get your tax refund – and all the possibilities that come with it – before the IRS processes it. When the costs associated with tax advance loans are low (or nonexistent), a Tax Advance Loan can help you get ahead, provide relief, or act as a perk alongside other tax services.

What is a Tax Advance Loan?

A Tax Advance Loan is just what it sounds like — a quick, short-term loan that helps you get your tax return money early. The loan, taken out against your tax refund, is ready on the same day you apply — a big difference when you consider how long it can take for the IRS to process returns.

Tax Advance Loans are short-term usually lasting only a few weeks. Tax Advance Loan funds can be delivered via check, a prepaid card, or a direct deposit. When you get a tax advance loan the IRS processed refund will go straight to your lender, paying off the balance of the loan.

A Tax Advance Loan usually comes as an additional service to tax preparation and filing. Some lenders charge an additional fee of up to $100 for a tax advance loan as well. When you file taxes with World Finance, we offer tax advance loans at zero additional cost with zero interest.

Is a Tax Advance Loan Right for You?

There are a lot of reasons that people get Tax Advance Loans. Maybe you need to cover some outstanding holiday expenses, or maybe you found a new years’ deal on a car and need money for the down payment. Whatever the reason, if you need cash before the IRS processes your refund, a Tax Advance Loan is an option.

Some people use Tax Advance Loans to pay down other, high-interest debts, such as credit cards. Since World Finance Tax Advance Loans are interest-free, they give an opportunity to pay down debt without incurring more.

Where can I get a Tax Advance Loan?

We offer tax advance loans right here at World Finance. When you file taxes with us, you can request a tax advance loan. Most lenders charge extra fees for tax advance loans, or even tack on interest. World offers tax advance loans with $0 in fees and 0% interest.

When you want to speed up that tax refund at no additional cost to you, a World Finance tax advance loan is a smart way to fast forward to your financial good.

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