Getaway Game Plan: 5 tips to save on Spring Break

Getaway Game Plan: 5 tips to save on Spring Break

We get it. The closer you get to Spring Break, the more stressful saving becomes. But never fear. With these five savings tips, we can help you get away this spring without getting away from your budget. So, whether you’re heading to a beach, the lake or a theme park, check out these tips to get back to your happy place.

Beware of unplanned fees.
Be sure to budget in incidental expenses along the way. Sneaky carry-on fees, parking and ride share apps all add up in the end. Pad your budget before you go so you don’t come home to a sky-high credit card bill.

Cooking in is your friend.
While scouting out the best bites in town is a must, those restaurant bills can add up fast. By opting for a vacation rental home instead of hotel, you’ll be able to save big by grocery shopping and cooking in – so you can put that money towards other expenses like daytime excursions or a few special meals out.

Avoid the tourist traps.
If you’re headed to a touristy destination like a theme park or zoo, wait to buy those pricey souvenirs until you’re outside of the park. Likely, you’ll see the same types of gifts online or at a nearby grocery store for half the price. Plus, be sure to scout out ticket deals ahead of time. Retailers like RetailMeNot, LivingSocial and Groupon will often have discounted prices for zoos, theme parks and museums that you can’t get anywhere else.

Hit the road.
The easiest way to shave a few hundred dollars off of a spring break vacation? Make it a road trip. Whether you’ve got a car full of kids or grown adults, a road trip is a great way to make a long journey part of the adventure. Check out these tried and true road trip guides for every travel bug.

Do your research.
Be sure to shop around for accommodations that fit your budget. You might be surprised what you can find on vacation rental sites like VRBO and AirBnB. If you’re on a road trip and just need a single-night’s stay, consider renting out a vacation rental room instead of one from an overpriced hotel. Another tip we love? Search the city you’re going to on Groupon for some potential extra savings on meals or experiences.

Everyone deserves to get away this spring break, so whether you’re getting away for the whole week or just a few days, follow these tips for a trip that stays within your budget.

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