Find Your Post-Holiday Side Gig

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean your cash flow should be too. Even during the off-season, there are plenty of great side gig options to help you earn some extra cheddar. Like seasonal jobs, they let you choose your own hours, don’t require more schooling or training, and offer valuable skills that will look great on a resume.

Jobs for Drivers. Like to spend time behind the wheel? With e-retail on the rise, companies like Amazon Flex, GoPuff, UPS, and Roadie are on the lookout for delivery drivers. Ridesharing is also becoming a hot side gig, with services like Uber, Lyft, and Juno offering great perks for drivers. But with any vehicle-based position, be sure to check if your car meets the company and state requirements.

Jobs for Typers. The internet is a digital hotbed for temporary jobs, often with little to no interaction with people. For the social types, thousands of companies are looking for customer service representatives to handle inquiries. Have a specific skill set like writing, coding, or a foreign language? Sign up as a freelancer or online tutor. Your two cents are worth much more on survey sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey. Got a knack for organization? Act as a digital personal assistant through FancyHands. And if you’re a whiz with a keyboard, BabbleType needs plenty of copyists to transcribe conversations.

Jobs for Makers. Looking to put your creative side to work? Refurbishing is becoming a profitable hobby, especially as demand for vintage furniture grows. For crafters and DIY lovers, Etsy has taken off as a platform to sell a wide variety of creations. Just be prepared to set prices and manage orders.

Jobs for Doers. For more hands-on work, check online and in your community. As a mover with Dolly or Bellhops, you can get a workout while getting paid. TaskRabbit is a terrific forum for helping with household errands and handiwork. Check for local concerts, flea markets, farmer’s markets, and festivals that need help with crowd control and set-up. And for animal lovers, sites like Wag or Rover offer plenty of pet sitting and dog walking positions.

Jobs that Aren’t Really Jobs. Make some extra cash with what you already have. Sell old items on Ebay or gently worn clothes on Poshmark. Rent out a spare room or garage to visitors through companies like Airbnb, or even storage space through Neighbor.

Two key things to remember when job hunting: know your worth and do your research. There are plenty of scams and false fronts out there trying to take advantage of folks, so be sure to look up the company and reviews by former employees. No job, no matter how good the hours or pay, is worth feeling belittled. Whether full time or seasonal, every employee deserves respectful treatment and fairness, so trust your gut and speak up when necessary. This is your gig, after all. Now get out there and make some dough!


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