Fast Filing for the Win

Fast Filing for the Win

There’s nothing quite like that sigh of relief after submitting your tax forms, especially when it’s done way ahead of time. So, to the procrastinators (hey, we’re not judging!), we’re making our case for filing those taxes early. Because despite what you may think, it does make a difference (just ask our team members who can help you file!) Check out these five reasons for filing early, so you can get back to what really matters. Like family time. And true crime documentaries.

Faster Tax Returns
Our first tip is the simplest: Faster filing equals faster money in your pocket if you’re getting a return. Having that extra boost of cash can make a big difference when paying bills, buying groceries, or saving up for the future. Plus, when you file online, you can get your money in three weeks or less, as opposed to the eight weeks it can take when you file via snail mail.

Time to Proofread
If you’re not meeting with a tax preparer or accountant, use that extra time to double check your forms for errors. Maybe there’s a deduction you missed or a misspelled street name. Catching these little inaccuracies early will prevent amendments, which could eventually lead to audits, which are as fun as they seem (read: not fun).

Beat the Rush
With everyone working toward the same deadline, tax professionals will be in high demand, so try to schedule a meeting as early as possible. If you’re using paper forms, post offices also grow more swamped as the deadline approaches. But filing early can help you avoid the long lines and keep your forms from getting lost in the chaos.

Avoid a Tax Extension
Often, waiting until the last minute can leave you disorganized, panicked, and needing to file an extension. And that doesn’t mean you get a free pass. The IRS will charge you interest and even penalties on the amount until you’ve paid it off. Our advice? File well before that deadline approaches.

Still need convincing? The sooner you get those taxes filed, the sooner you can stop thinking about them. Set aside time on your calendar, gather your documents, and treat yourself to a small reward. The deadline to file is April 15, 2020 so hop to it! You’ll be glad you did.

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