A Piggy Bank State-of-Mind

A Piggy Bank State-of-Mind

Tickets to the big game. That long-awaited family vacation. An inflatable racecar bed. Whatever you’re saving for, we’re here to help. That’s why, we’re sharing a few words of wisdom from some of our very own World Finance team members. So you can fill up that piggy bank (figuratively and literally) and focus on all the good ahead.

Melody, Williamsburg, KY

“My dad told me to put at least 10% of each paycheck I ever receive into a savings account and to never touch it.”

Sabrina, Fulton, MO

“Give yourself a cash allowance weekly so you are more aware of how much you’re spending and don’t buy unnecessary things.”

Shana, St. Mathews, DC

“Understanding my needs verses my wants. Now I can just ask myself, ‘Do I really need something, or just want it?’”

Steven, Jackson, TN

“Start your retirement account as early as possible. You will thank yourself when you get older.

Elizabeth, Burley, ID

“I save all of my change and put it in my husband’s batman piggy bank. We are using that change to buy our plane tickets to go to Spooky Disney in October 2020!”

Tammy, Stevens Point, WI

“At the end of the day, always put your loose change into a container and don’t touch it. When the container fills up, take it to the bank and put it into a savings account. Continue to do that so you have money for emergencies that may creep up.”Have a few savings tips of your own you’d like to share? Comment on our Facebook page (link to organic post) to get in on the action – and be sure to tell us what you’re saving up for! Plus, don’t miss these 7 ways to cut down on spending and simplify your finances.

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