17 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Dating on a budget isn’t easy these days, especially when it costs as much as $70 just to catch a movie together. Moreover, seeking cheap or inexpensive romantic date ideas can seem unromantic in itself. We’re always told that you should love with all your heart. When you go looking for ways to spend less on a date, your partner may rightly or wrongly begin to question your commitment to the relationship.

Nevertheless, there are an endless amount of fun date ideas that won’t break the bank. Below, we look at 17 excellent options:

1. Take a walk together

If you live in an adventurous location with mountain ranges and nice hiking paths, that should be your first inexpensive idea for a romantic date. Without spending much, you’ll be able to enjoy the outside while sharing stories and laughing your hearts out.

2. Spend a day at the beach

For those who live close to the beach, walking on the white sands and lolling in the sun while holding hands can be another extremely romantic adventure. Watch out for the cost, however. If possible, consider free or low-cost beaches only.

3.Have a picnic

Pick up a bag, grab the necessary food and drinks from your fridge, and head out for a picnic for two. A couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a thermos of tea, and a few apples and bananas should be enough lunch. Don’t forget to bring a blanket.

4. Go biking

Are you free on the weekend? Why not spend it biking into the woods or around town? If you don’t have your own bikes, you can rent two at a local biking club and glide around town, stopping at your favorite landmarks and sentimental spots as you explore the neighborhood.

5. Volunteer

There is nothing more fulfilling than giving back to the community, and nothing more romantic than doing so alongside your partner. And, there are endless ways you can volunteer from participating in a Habitat building project to planting trees and everything in between.

6. Workout together

If you both enjoy keeping fit, which applies to most couples, there are plenty of workout activities you can indulge in together and simultaneously have a great time. Excellent examples include playing basketball or tennis, running together, or doing yoga.

7. Cook-off

Do you and your partner have a favorite cook show? If so, why not spend this Friday night recreating it together? Set the rules, putting in place a spending and time limit and see who comes up with the best meal. Eating is always a great date idea.

8. See some art

Many museums have one day every week when you can get in for free or with a small donation to a good cause. Take advantage of that. Bring your date along, wander the place holding hands, and have all the fun exchanging your knowledge.

9. Go stargazing

Here’s another fun idea. After a tiring day in the office or at school, hold each other’s hands and head out to a star party or simply drive outside the city limit to stargaze. If you have a telescope, this is the time to bring it along.

10. Host a game night

Gaming is another simple, yet fun date idea. Of course, it works better if you’re both good gamers. But, even if your partner is a novice, you can still have a fantastic time helping each other out through old classics such as Backgammon.

11. Go to the movies

Not the regular movies, however. If you look carefully, you’ll realize that a few theaters within town frequently show older films for way cheaper than what you’d pay for a regular ticket. Sometimes you may end up paying just $3 a piece! That’s where you need to be.

12. Go to a free concert

Record stores, parks, and community centers are always throwing free concerts for different reasons. A quick check also reveals that some museums have recurring jazz nights. You and your partner could spend a few hours there without burning a hole in your pockets.

13. Watch a film – in bed

If you’re not looking to spend at all, feel free to bring your theater into the bedroom. To make the occasion special, pick out some of the best movies you know, get the popcorn ready, and prepare a few snacks too.

14. Dance the night away

Is there a better way to enjoy a romantic evening than dancing in each other’s arms? None come to mind. What’s better, you don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy your dance. And, even if you do, you don’t need to spend over the odds.

15. Laugh it out at a comedy club

Every couple loves sharing a laugh. To enjoy some rib cracking humor while at the same time spending some quality time together, have a drink together, then head out to the nearest comedy club. You’ll both have a wonderful time!

16. Plan a flea market treasure hunt

Flea markets are known for one thing – they always have some treasures hidden somewhere. If you both enjoy the thrills of a quest, after a cup of coffee on Saturday morning, head out to the local flea market and see who can find the most valuable treasure.

17. Go out for dessert

Finally, you can also go out for a drink and even have a dessert with your partner without breaking the bank. The idea is simple. Before you leave the house, prepare and eat a light meal. Then, head out to your favorite restaurant and order a glass of wine and a fantastic dessert. You’ll have a great night without spending much.

The Options Are Endless!

There are plenty of other inexpensive yet enjoyable romantic date ideas out there. The options are limited only by your imaginations. What’s better, for those dates that require a couple of dollars, you can always get a small loan that you can repay over the next few days without hurting your long-term plans.

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