What Would You Do with 45 Days of No Payments?

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April 19, 2021

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Having access to the money you need when you need it most is a great thing. Having the money you need and no payment? You’re not dreaming! That’s just another way we’re helping our customers reach their financial goals and get back to the good. 

When you open a personal loan with World between April 18 and April 30, 2021you’ll make no payments until June.* 

So, what does this mean for you? 

With a little extra money and a little extra time before you need to start repaying your loan, the possibilities are endless. But just in case you don’t already have big plans for that loan money, we’ve compiled a few ideas on how to put it to good use: 

Pay down existing debt. 

From medical bills to credit cards, debt can feel like it’s constantly following you around. A World loan is a great way to simplify by consolidating and paying down your high-interest debt. In addition, you’ll only need to make one monthly payment on your World loan instead of worrying about several different bills throughout the month. And that means you can bid bye-bye to those pricey late fees for missed or forgotten payments when you’re juggling multiple bills.  

Cover car or home repairs. 

Whether replacing tires to purchasing new appliances, caring for your car and home comes at a cost. A personal loan is a great way to cover those expenses, both planned and unplanned. Even if you don’t have an urgent need today, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected arises, you’re financially prepared to take it on.  

Start (or boost) your emergency fund. 

At some point, we all find ourselves facing unexpected expenses. Without an emergency fund in place, these moments can go from feeling like a minor inconvenience to fully devastating. Often, people are tempted to turn to credit cards or payday loans, both of which only create more financial strain thanks to high-interest rates and fees. With a fixed rate and repayment schedule, a personal loan is a much smarter option for covering unexpected costs and large purchases. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re getting and how much your payments will be. 

Treat yourself! 

Ready to upgrade that old laptop? Planning the ultimate local staycation? In need of a spa day? Whatever is on your bucket list, we can help you get the money to make it happen. With a personal loan, how you use the money is up to you. Dream big! You deserve it. 

*Please note, delayed payments come with accrued interest. Excludes Utah.