Top Ten Home Improvement Projects

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September 13, 2021

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Over the years, DIY and home improvement have become a beloved hobby for many. (So much so, HGTV has made a whole television channel out of it!) Whether repairing things around the house, updating or remodeling, the possibilities are endless. In many instances, these improvements not only leave homeowners feeling empowered, they can also contribute to the overall value of the home when it comes time to sell.

If you’re looking to tackle some home improvement projects this fall, here’s an idea list to get you started:

Landscaping updates

We all know that curb appeal matters. According to HGTV, landscaping can often net a 100% return on investment when selling a home. Since it’s the first thing potential buyers see, it sets the stage for first impressions, conveys a story about your space and suggests the kind of attention to detail you put into caring for your home over the years.

Exterior improvements

Much like landscaping updates, exterior improvements contribute to the overall first impression people will form about your home. A new coat of paint or unique garage door freshens up your home and sets it apart. Another simple way to quickly and easily improve exterior appeal is by simply swapping out your front door or painting it an eye-catching color.

Exterior additions

Adding a deck, patio or porch is a great way to extend usable living space and add value to your home. Be sure to do research on the value add of different options and materials. Return on investment can vary significantly between a wood deck versus a paver patio, for example.

Window replacement

Because they can dramatically impact heating and cooling costs, home buyers are often interested in the type of windows installed in a home. If your home does not already include energy-efficient windows, this is a relatively simple update to make and can have a positive impact on overall value.

Minor bathroom remodel

You don’t have to take a crash course in plumbing to undertake updates that will improve your bathroom and potentially net you more money when you sell your home. Something as simple as changing out fixtures or replacing a bathtub can have a huge impact with minimal effort or expertise required.

Minor kitchen remodel

A minor kitchen remodel can have a big impact — up to a 98% return according to HGTV. Consider simple-yet-impactful updates like swapping out outdated appliances, painting old cabinets or updating lighting.

Major bathroom remodel

A bathroom remodel is considered “major” when it involves relocating fixtures or expanding the space. While this requires a greater level of expertise and initial investment, HGTV says a major bathroom remodel can lead to a 93% return, making it a worthy project if you’re hoping to ask top dollar for your home when it hits the market.

Major kitchen remodel

HGTV reports that a major kitchen remodel could result in a 91% return on investment. This type of project typically includes replacing cabinetry and countertops, updating flooring or even adding an island. Be sure to consider your home’s overall value when selecting materials and budgeting for your project.

Bedroom updates

While unlikely to yield high returns, simple bedroom updates can contribute to a favorable overall impression of your home should you sell. A coat of fresh paint, enhanced lighting and hardwood or luxury vinyl plank floors all contribute to a more luxurious feel.

Bonus room updates

With more and more people choosing to work from home, converting a bonus room into an office is a great way to add value and could yield a return of 72.8% according to HGTV. Even better, using that space to add an extra bathroom could result in up to a 100% return in some cities.

Financing your project with a personal loan

Now that you’ve got your project (or projects) picked out, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to fund your improvements. World is proud to offer personal loans for home improvement to help homeowners tackle their to do lists. Even better, we don’t require you to use your home equity to secure your loan.

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