How World Finance Helped Kevin Gaskin Buy His Dream Home


September 13, 2021

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When people think about big financial goals and milestones, buying a home tends to land at the top of the list. Few things are more thrilling than finding the listing of your dreams. Such was the case for Kevin Gaskin, a retired military nurse and World customer. Before he ever had a dream home purchase in his sights, World worked with Kevin to help him raise his credit score by establishing healthy borrowing habits and a positive payment history, laying the foundation to get the money he needed when he needed it most.

This is his story.

A retired military nurse, Kevin Gaskin’s world changed when he walked into World Finance. Though initially recommended by several friends, Kevin still did his research and found no other companies could compete with World’s loan offerings and customer service. He immediately felt like family and that he could trust the World team to help him meet his goals, above and beyond what he had ever expected.

Kevin’s first time turning to World was when he was working overtime and undergoing a home renovation. World helped him access the funds he needed to finish his project. At this time, Kevin was unaware of his credit score or of the importance it had in his purchasing power. Working with World associates to create a budget, file his taxes and make his loan payments early or on time allowed Kevin to improve his credit score and his life.

“It was Tonya, my World representative, that helped me get to the finish line and provided her support through the whole process. She just kept telling me that anything I put my mind to, I could accomplish,” shares Kevin.

Learning more about how to manage his finances helped Kevin achieve goals he didn’t even know were possible at the time. He was able to retire early with a comfortable income, purchase a reliable vehicle and buy his dream home – all with World’s help. When Kevin came up approximately $3,000 shy of the funds needed for his home purchase in Belen, NM, World was able to get him the money he needed to close on his home based on his reliable track record with the company.

I have achieved every goal with World’s help. They don’t care about what you have, but about what you can do with what you have.
– Kevin

“I have never seen a company do what World does; be so caring, so supportive and make sure you are working toward your goals.”

Now, his World Finance loan has been paid off on time and his house was named “best looking new home” by his block’s beautification project.

“I was able to secure my future by listening to the World Finance representatives and learning how to prepare my finances for the long-term. Now I can spend my retirement being thankful for everything that I have and just watching my dogs play in my beautiful yard,” says Kevin.