How to Save on Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. The kick-off to the most wonderful time of the year… Or the worst, if you’re new to this whole bargain-shopping thing. But before you brave the crowded malls, here are a few helpful ways to come out with a little extra green this Black Friday.

Plan Ahead

  • Start early.Christmas music before Thanksgiving? Um, no. Planning out gifts before Thanksgiving? Totally acceptable.
  • Make a list, and check it twice!Sticking to a plan will help you manage your budget and keep you from impulse buying.
  • Research prices.Is that deal really a deal? Keep tabs on which stores have the best prices, best coupons, and even best return policies.

Get Tech-y

  • Use apps.Check your list, look up sales, and download coupons on the go using SlickdealsShopSavvy, and store-specific apps.
  • Follow brands on social media. You’ll be among the first to know about deals, promotions, and exclusives.And don’t forget to email newsletters too.
  • Trick the online shopping cart.Head to an online retailer you know you’ll use, fill up the cart, then clear it as Black Friday approaches. Most likely, the site will email discount codes (some up to 30% off) so you can complete your order at a bargain.

Come Prepared

  • Work as a team.Bring family members or friends to help divide and conquer the shopping list. The trip will go by faster, and you’ll stick closer to the budget.
  • Dress comfortably.You’ll be on your feet for a good chunk of the day, so break out those comfy walking shoes.
  • Bring ads along. Keep clippings or screenshots of deals you like. Retail workers (and your wallet) will thank you for the extra effort. Some stores will even price match.
  • Relax and enjoy. Stress will only make the experience harder, both on your mood and on your plan. If you start to feel tense, take some time to people-watch or admire the beautiful holiday decorations.

Avoid the Mall (if Necessary)

  • Shop small. With the boom of online shopping and big-nameretailers, local stores will try to compete with their own bargain deals.
  • Opt for Cyber Monday deals.Why not just ditch the crowds altogether? That must-have gift may come at much better price online than in-store.

While the day may seem stressful, having a plan and sticking to it can help to take the strain off you and your wallet this Black Friday. So be sure to do your homework. Whether you manage to snag only one deal or knock out your entire list, we hope these tips will help you save some cash this holiday season.