Hostess with the Mostest for the Leastest

You don’t need to spend a fortune to throw a killer holiday party – even if all the #influencers out there have chocolate fountains and all. the. sequins. The truth is, you just need a little creativity. Check out these tips for throwing a festive get-together on a budget, and get back to better holidays.

Save on Drinks

Instead of splurging on a variety of beverages that might end up only half-consumed, create one or two signature drinks so you only have to purchase a few of the same ingredients.

Opt for Digital Invites

While paper invitations are charming, it can take a while for those expensive RSVPs to roll in. So, what’s better than free online invites? Rally your friends and family with an event page on social media or an easy-to-use app.

Think Potluck

It’s not a holiday party unless half of your guests plead with you to bring something. Instead of waving them off, tell them how they can help. It’ll save you from a high grocery bill and make the evening’s preparations so much easier.

Get Crafty

Instead of aweing your guests with overpriced holiday decorations from your local craft store, get crafty at home. Pick out a few pinecones from the backyard and hand paint them for a festive (and free) way to deck the halls.

Buy in Bulk

Odds are you’ll host more than one get-together this season. So, save yourself a trip to the store (and some extra cash) by looking for deals on cups, utensils, plates, napkins – basically any of your holiday necessities.

Make it a Game Night

Nothing brings family and friends together like some good old-fashioned competition. Dust off your favorite board game to break people out of their food comas and add a fun and free interlude before dessert.

Whether you’re throwing a small get-together for a few friends or hosting your entire family, never underestimate the power of a personal touch. Your guests don’t need lavish decorations or 5-star catering, just a space to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure to have enough pie…

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