Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year tends to come with a few ridiculously high bills. The good news? By harnessing a little DIY magic, you can give presents that will mean so much more than just another tie. So, get ready to get back to that cozy holiday feeling in three, two…

Make it a 2-for-1

Have an old mason jar you’re not using? Fill it with the dry ingredients from your favorite cookie or brownie recipe, tie it with a bow, and voilà. If your recipient likes something a little more savory, Fill translucent ornaments with the herbs and dry ingredients from their favorite kind of dip for a tasty gift.

Get Knitting

Something about the cozy warmth of a hand-knitted throw just can’t be beaten. Check out these easy-to- make knitting ideas that anyone on your list will love.

Potted Presents

Nothing brightens up a room like a little greenery. If you’re looking for an easy, mess-free gift, air plants are earth’s little life-hacks for a gift that’s both stylish and inexpensive. Place it in a jar or vase and it’s the perfect heartfelt present.

Best of Beauty

What no one tells you about that fancy French soap? You can make it at home for free. It only takes a little digging around to find the ingredients for a luxurious body scrub, bath bomb or homemade body butter.

Make it a Cakewalk

Save yourself from the gift exchange stress by following these simple steps to create an elegant cake stand. All you need is a large plate, candle holder and Guerilla Glue to make this beautiful keepsake that looks like it came straight out of a pricey department store.

It shouldn’t take a ton of time and money to show someone you care this season. With just a few materials you can find lying around the house, you can create the perfect, personalized gift. So, get crafting, get saving, and get back to all the fun the holidays have to offer.

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