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November 11, 2022

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Rent. Childcare. Heating. Car insurance. Payments are just part of life. What if you could hit the pause button on a monthly payment, though? Would you do it? When you open a loan with World, you not only get same-day funds, but you also get a chance to hit pause ’til 2023.

No payments ’til 2023

With a little extra money and a little extra time before your loan repayment starts, you can rest your mind and your wallet, too. But just in case you don’t already have big plans for that loan money, we’ve compiled a few ideas on how to put it to good use:

Pay down debt

From medical bills to credit cards, debt can feel like it’s constantly following you around. A loan by World is a great way to simplify by consolidating and paying down any high-interest debt you may have. Plus, you’ll only need to make one monthly payment on your World loan – instead of worrying about several different bills throughout the month. And that means you can say bye-bye to pricey late fees for missed or forgotten payments when you’re juggling multiple bills.

Fix some things

Whether you need a whole new set of tires or a whole new washing machine, caring for your car and home comes at a cost. A personal loan is a great way to cover car and home expenses – whether they’re planned and unplanned. Even if you don’t have an urgent need today, funds from a personal loan can give you the peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected happens, you’re financially prepared to take it on.

Start saving

Everyone has unexpected expenses at some point or other. Without an emergency fund in place, those unplanned moments can go from feeling like a minor inconvenience to a devastating panic. It’s easy to turn to credit cards or payday loans, both of which only create more financial strain thanks to high-interest rates and fees. With a fixed rate and repayment schedule, a personal loan is a much smarter option for covering unexpected costs and large purchases. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re getting and how much your payments will be.

Take care

Ready to upgrade that old laptop? Need a weekend off? Need some interview outfits? Whatever you need to feel refreshed and ready to take life head-on, we can help you get the money to make it happen. With a personal loan, how you use the money is up to you. *Please note, delayed payments come with accrued interest. Offer excluded in Utah.