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July 7, 2021

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“I got home from work one night, and I just stood there. Our building had caught on fire. It carried over to the house we were remodeling at the time. The fire destroyed two bedrooms and the roof. We lost everything. Yearbooks, mementos, everything inside. You can’t replace the memories.”

This is a true story from a World Foundation recipient. For years, World has strived to help people Get Back to the Good. This mission doesn’t start and stop with the services we are able to offer our customers, it’s part of our ethos both between and beyond our walls. The World Foundation serves as an internal program that empowers employees to donate to a fund that supports WAC employees impacted by natural disasters.

“With the money World gave us, we can finish remodeling our home. It’s a slow process because we’re doing it on our own and not hiring anyone. People try to help you out when things like this happen, but it’s just a little bit. When I received the check from World, it was just an “I can’t believe it” kind of thing. I was in tears! They really take care of you here. I love working at World. This company has been such a blessing in so many ways.”

At World, we don’t just talk about culture, we’re always looking for new ways to support our communities, our people and our workplace. Life is too short not to feel good about the work you’re doing, the impact you’re having and the people you’re doing it all with. If this sounds like your kind of thing, consider joining our team. Learn about current opportunities and apply at