A Case for the Staycation

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February 21, 2020

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A Case for the Staycation

Let’s face it – it can be hard to make all of our vacation dreams come true. Whether you have an unrelenting calendar or an eye on soaring flight and gas prices, sometimes life calls for a staycation. Because how nice does a weekend to relax and unwind without leaving city limits sound? Check out these tips for getting back to zen without leaving town (or spending a fortune).

Play tourist for a day.

You know the best grocery store. You know the fastest shortcuts home. But have you explored all that your city has to offer? Don’t be afraid to whip out that selfie stick (or not, your call), and head to your city’s most popular destinations. Hit up the zoo, public parks and museums. Plan out your day as if you’ve never been there before.

Find the freebies.

Each city offers their own unique destinations that you can access for FREE. And as spring approaches, it’s the perfect excuse to take a stroll in the park or hit up a festival for some local music and yummy bites. Don’t forget to ask around for personal recommendations for activities you might not have found on your own. You might be surprised with where you end up!

Get crafty.

Whether you’ve always wondered what it was like to knit a scarf from scratch, make a handcrafted fancy cocktail or you’ve been eyeing your neighbor’s impressive DIY wreath – now’s your time to shine. Pick something that you don’t quite have a handle on. After all, there’s no time like the present to learn something new.

Pay it forward.

Want an instant mood booster? Spend a little of your free time giving back to your community. While donating to national charities is always good, when you’re the one helping others in your community, you can see the direct impact your actions have. You can easily locate youth organizations, women’s shelters and animal protection groups by doing a simple Google search.

Bring the spa to you.

You don’t need a $100 facial to feel pampered. Set up your own spa at home with just a few inexpensive items you can grab at your nearest convenience store. Face masks, scented candles and a bubble bath are guaranteed to help those worries fade away.

The best part about a staycation? You can take one whenever you want. By recharging more often at home, you can give yourself the break you deserve and save a few (or a lot of) bucks in the process.

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